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Bradford Built, Inc.

If you use your truck for a truck, then you'll appreciate all the standard features on a Bradford Built truck bed. Things like 1/8" thick tread plate floor, a 30,000 lb. rated gooseneck hitch, and the incredibly strong receiver type bumper hitch. With the 4" tall flip-up side rails, you won't be back tracking, looking for your chains or spare tire. Chain "keyholes" in the headache rack, flush-mounted D-rings in the side rails and stake pockets in the deck make it easy to secure any load. The sealed beam lights are flush mounted and there is a 7-pole plug-in for your trailer. The rear corners of the deck are tapered so backing up a little too close to the dock won't take out the lights. The forward taper allows for locating the gooseneck ball further forward while still clearing your trailer gussets in a turn. The powder coat paint gives it an attractive, durable and easy-to-wash surface.

Kick the tires, check out the prices, and if you don't settle on Bradford Built hands down, then call and tell us why. Our goal is simple.

Build the very best truck bed for the money in the United States of America.

Thank you for your time and thank you for considering a Bradford Built.

Toolboxes and Small Parts

Optional Toolboxes

Steel Underbody Toolbox

Aluminum Underbody Toolbox

Steel Crossbody Toolbox

Aluminum Crossbody Toolbox

Fuel Sumps

Powder Coated Steel Fuel Sumps

Stainless Steel Fuel Sumps

21 Degree Sump

42 Degree Sump

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