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Hydra Bed

A Leader in Hay Handling Equipment

Triple C started a revolution in round bale handling and feeding in 1983 with the introduction of the Hydra Bed®, the first flush-mount, self-storing flatbed bale handler. Since that time, we have continued to develop other cattle management products designed to thrive in the tough operating conditions found on operations like yours. Cattlemen and women all across North America have come to appreciate the durability, ease of operation and the dependability of our Hydra Line™ Products.

30 Series Hydra Bed

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Hydra TM2000

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Hydra Grabber™

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Hydra Bed Accessories

Underbody Toolbox

Industry's most water and dust resistant door design!

Dump Box

Mount, dismount, and dump with the use of Hydra Bed® arms and quick connect lift brackets!

Across Bed Toolbox

Has a tool tray, is an efficient use of area not occupied by round bale and is weather resistant!

Work Light Kit

55 watt halogen bulbs light entire area behind truck. Plus, light angle and rotation are user adjustable!

3-Spool Valve

Provides fully variable flow to auxiliary hydraulic function, it's cab-controlled, and flows to 11 GPM at 2000 engine RPM!

Receiver Hitch

Accepts standard 2” insert, has a 3/4” thick base plate, and bolts to existing Hydra Bed® hitch plate!

Post Hole Digger

Hydra TM2000

Tractor-mount bale handler/unroller has synchronized bale-gripping arms to assure positive bale centering and handling ease.

The HydraTM2000™ tractor-mount bale handler/unroller from Triple C carries the same proven design features for efficient bale unrolling.

Bales weighing up to 2,000 pounds can be transported or unrolled from the comfort and safety of your tractor cab. (The safe lifting capacity of your tractor’s 3-point hitch will determine maximum load handling capability.) The automatically synchronized bale-gripping arms assure positive centering of the bale. This proven design feature makes unrolling solid core bales of all types simple and efficient. Designed only for use on ROPS equipped tractors. Always wear your safety belt.

Hydra Grabber™

Retractable bale hook design eliminates bale spear accidents and stack push-over; easily attaches to skid-loaders and tractors.

Loading and transporting large square bales becomes safe and efficient with the Hydra Grabber™ loader attachment. The simple but effective design of this machine engages bales from any side. By eliminating the need to “spear” bales, the Hydra Grabber™ prevents the damage to buildings, trucks and trailers that can result from pushing into stacks. Hydraulic power provides rapid engagement and retraction of the aggressive bale hooks. With the hooks retracted, the operator simply places the machine in contact with the selected bale face. Stack push-over is no longer a concern, as the bale hooks move from fully retracted to fully embedded in the bale only after the loader is no longer in motion. Stacking on trucks, trailers or in barns becomes fast and simple. After bales are in position, the hooks are hydraulically retracted, releasing the bales. The dangerous problem of pulling the stack back on the loader is prevented, improving safety and efficiency. When equipped with the Hydra Grabber™, most tractor loaders become capable of loading and unloading an entire truck or trailer from one side, resulting in significant time savings.

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